Welcome to Tealstreet

Tealstreet is a proprietary trading terminal for crypto derivatives (futures). The platform integrates with existing exchanges (such as ByBit) to route user orders.

Tealstreet software makes placing orders, managing positions, and all other day-to-day operations more efficient and helps to enhance your trading edge. Tealstreet, in its current form, is in an early beta release and free to use. Before using Tealstreet, make sure to review the Terms of Service agreement.

While Tealstreet is in open beta, anyone who creates an account will always have free access to standard features. In the future, however, Tealstreet will have a premium subscription, so sign up today! There are many great additional features planned for Tealstreet to offer users a more complete trading suite so traders can compete at their best.

For more information on Tealstreet, please take a look around the blog and be sure to read through the guide, the Tealstreet FAQ section, and the Trading FAQ. Connect with us and interact with other traders by joining the Tealstreet community located on most major platforms!