Tealstreet FAQs

So… what is Tealstreet?

Tealstreet is a trading terminal, journaling service, and bot integration platform. The terminal and trading functionality is the current primary use case of Tealstreet. At the moment, Tealstreet is in pre-beta form which means you might encounter bugs while using it.

The terminal was inspired by BitMex. Presently, Tealstreet supports Bitmex and ByBit accounts with more exchanges to be added very soon. Tealstreet has other features like keyboard shortcuts, a depth chart with multi exchange overlay, order indicators on the depth chart and orderbook, and quick order buttons to help you get the best possible execution price. However, please remember that Tealstreet is still in development and functionality is not fully finished.

*Use Tealstreet at your own risk! There are no guarantees.

Did Sam create Tealstreet himself?

Yes, Sam created Tealstreet. It has been in development for over one year as of 2021.

Is Tealstreet free to use? Forever?

Tealstreet is free to use right now because it is in pre-beta form. While Tealstreet is in open beta, anyone who creates an account will always have free access. However, some time in the future Tealstreet will not be free (So, sign up now!). There are many great new features planned for Tealstreet (hopefully very soon!) to make it a better and a more complete trading terminal to give traders even more of an edge.

Can I trust Tealstreet?

Before using Tealstreet be sure to read through the terms of service. Sam has worked very hard on the security side of Tealstreet. Security was the first aspect developed for the terminal and the number one priority. The security side is hosted by AWS. User information like API keys are encrypted before they get put in the database. AWS manages master’s keys. If someone were to hack Tealstreet they would not be able to get your master API key. However, nothing is 100%. Sam believes his security is just as good if not better than other crypto services.

Be sure to read through the API guides! ByBit is available here and, a guide for BitMex is available here.

Where did the name Tealstreet come from?

The name has no name or meaning it was just a domain Sam had registered already.

Which exchanges can be used with Tealstreet?

Tealstreet currently supports ByBit and BitMex. More exchanges like FTX, Binance, and Phemex will be added in the near future. So, stay tuned!

Is Tealstreet opensource?

Tealstreet is not open source so to protect Sam’s identity against doxing. Some code for public viewing will be published soon. You can visit the Tealstreet GitHub here.

Do I need to stay logged into an exchange to use Tealstreet?

No, you do not need to stay logged in, however, the exchange will time out eventually. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended you always keep your exchange page open for added safety and peace of mind.

Can I use Tealstreet on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use Tealstreet on most mobile web browsers. There are additional features on mobile you can read about on the ‘Mobile Use of Tealstreet’ page of the Tealsreet Guide. Try using the search bar if you have any trouble finding information. A Tealstreet app for iOS and Android is in the works!

How do I add an API to Tealstreet?

Please visit the API posts for a guide. A guide for ByBit is available here. And, a guide for BitMex is available here.

Does Tealstreet have 2FA?

At the moment Tealstreet does not have 2FA. However, the function will be added soon.

Can I request new features for Tealstreet?

Yes, you can request new features via GitHub requests. However, keep in mind that Sam has a very heavy workload so please be patient! Additional functionality will be added as quickly as his schedule (and the market) permits.

Can anyone help me with Tealstreet?

The best way to get help with Tealstreet is by asking in Sam’s Twitch channel or in one of the Tealstreet Terminal channels on Discord.

Can I use hotkeys / shortcuts with Tealstreet?

Yes you can! Please visit this page for a tutorial and more information. Built in hotkeys will be added soon.

I think Tealstreet is showing the wrong PnL. Why is that?

At the moment, Tealstreet displays PnL from the mark price and not the index price. This will change with later updates.

Does Tealstreet work on mobile?

Yes, Tealstreet works on mobile browsers. Give it a try using your smart phone or tablet device.