Open Orders

Here we will go over the Open Orders window of Tealstreet. There are four tabs to organize open orders on Tealstreet. The example picture below shows BTC|USD as the far left tab because that is the currently selected trading pair in my Primary Trade Settings. It will change based on the market or crypto you have selected.

Open Orders Window

The picture below is an example. I have multiple open orders: one open buy order that can fill at my inputted price of 60743, and one open sell order at my inputted price of 61133.5, and a stop loss order

In the picture below, I clicked the BTC|USD Stops to display my open Stop Loss order, and my open Take Profit order.

Cancelling orders – there are three ways to cancel orders in the Open Orders window.

The (X) Orders button at the top right will cancel everything.

Cancelling orders (Part 2) – the last two ways to cancel open orders are shown in the picture below. The (X) above Cancel will close all orders on the currently displayed tab. The box with Cancel will close individual orders that are open.

You can edit the quantity and price of an open order by clicking on their associated numbers. Note – Your order will automatically cancel if you placed an Post Only Limit Order and you edit the price above the last price (price displayed at the top of the orderbook on Tealstreet)

Editing the quantity of an open order

Editing the price of an open order