Open Positions

On this page we will go over the Open Positions window of Tealstreet. The below picture is an example of an open long position on the BTC|USD pair.

NOTE – The realized PnL number (UTC daily) comes from the exchange directly and is not calculated by Tealstreet. Unrealized PnL is priced by the mark price for historical reasons but that will be updated to last price. So, do not worry if the number is wrong.

WARNING – Clicking the red ‘Close’ button will immediately close your open position with a market order.

You can change the way information is displayed by clicking the buttons at the top right of the window.

Click the [BTC] button to have all open positions quoted in bitcoin for Margin, Unrl PNL, and Real PnL. The star in the middle will show all open positions in their native currencies which is helpful for users trading multiple currencies.