Primary Trade Settings

Get started using Tealstreet and learn how to change settings to fit your needs.

Primary Trade Settings

The picture below shows the Primary Trade Settings for Tealstreet located at the top right of the trading page. You can adjust the sound level, lock/unlock the windows, choose your API/exchange, choose your trading pair (crypto), and change your main trade settings.

To change the volume level, click the speaker icon and use the slider to find your preferred audio level.

To change the ‘Market‘ / ‘Trading Pair‘ click the drop down menu. The pictures only show the trading pairs offered on ByBit exchange. The pair options will be different if you are connected to another exchange. Note – your choice here will also reflect in the ‘Margin‘ window.

The next drop down menu allows the user to choose their API key. If you have not added an API key this menu will be blank. If you have only one API key connected you will only see one option.

Next, we can change the settings for placing orders. Click the gear icon named ‘Trade Settings’.

The first ‘Trade Settings’ you can change are the notification you receive on Tealstreet. Notifications include filled orders, canceled orders, and errors. You can adjust where you want the notifications to display.

The second Trade Settings allows the user to adjust the amount/size of their orders. The ‘Place Order’ window of Tealstreet gives the user 6 buttons for order sizes. Input numbers that reflect your needs, wallet balance, or average trade size. Once you click ‘OK’, these changes will show in the ‘Place Order’ window.

*** NOTE *** – Ask yourself what pair you are trading before setting these figures!!! Choosing appropriate increments depend on your balance, average trading size, and the crypto itself!

The second setting ‘Quick Offsets‘ allow the user to change tick sizes for a Quick Order type. Changes made to ‘Quick Offsets‘ will show on the Quick Order type in the ‘Place Order’ window.

Last, the ‘Lock’ / ‘Unlock’ button. You can adjust all the windows within the trade page of Tealstreet. You can adjust the size and position of each window. To prevent accidentally moving or changing a window, simply click the ‘Lock‘ button. When the lock icon appears closed, your window settings are locked in place. When the lock icon appears open, your windows settings can be adjusted.

Locks Windows.

Unlock Windows.