Shortkeys Tutorial

Step 1

Add the extension to Chrome.

Step 2

Once added to Chrome, click the puzzle piece icon and then find Shortkeys. Click the three horizontal dots on the right side and then click options.

Step 3

Now you will see the Shortkeys options page. Click on the Import tab.

Step 4

On the Tealstreet GitHub page, copy everything in the big box of code.

Step 5

Go back to the Shortkeys options page and paste all the code into the “Import” box and then click the “Import” button at the bottom right.

Step 6

Click the Shortcuts tab at the top left and you should see the keys. Delete the first blank row as it has caused some people errors.

Step 7

Next, save the shortcuts. Refresh the Tealstreet Trade interface and the shortcuts should work! Happy trading 😊