Helpful Links and Tools

General Crypto Websites

  • CoinGecko – One of the most widely used sites for monitoring crypto asset prices, market caps, creating watchlists, and much more.
  • CoinMarketCap – Similar to CoinGecko. Try them both to see which one you like the most.
  • TradingView
  • Coin360 – Crypto prices heatmap, market caps, charts and more.
  • LookIntoBitcoin – Unique charts and indicators for Bitcoin for analyzing Market Cycles, Price & Supply Relationships, Adoption Curves, Onchain Data, and more.

Crypto News Websites

Must-Have Trading Tools

  • – Free site. Great for watching big order flow and liquidations. Useful for many cryptos and not just Bitcoin. Check the resources channel of Discord to see Sam’s favorite settings.
  • TradingView – Free & Premium versions. One of the most popular websites for charts and watchlists. Good for crypto, futures, stocks, price alerts/alarms, and more. Follow this guide for TradingView keyboard shortcuts
  • – Free website for crypto charts, watchlists, exchange information, price alerts/alarms, market data, and more. Highly customizable.
  • Bybt – Free crypto data website for information like Open Interest, Funding Rates, Liquidations, Long/Short ratios, Order Books, and more.
  • Viewbase – Another free crypto data website which includes info like Exchange Flows, Options & Volatility, Margin Rates, Whale Positions, Open Interest, and more.
  • ByteTree – All in one Bitcoin dashboard with an abundance of analytics.
  • Deribit Metrics – Free site showing current data insights from Deribit Exchange such as Funding Rates, Futures Premium, Implied Volatility, and Max Pain figures.
  • Tradinglite – Website (free trial) with additional visual information to locating large order placements and much more.
  • ScalpxIndex – Free site showing Bitcoin Sentiment Analysis, Exchange Buy & Sell Walls, Hidden Orders, Liquidations, Fear & Greed Index, Social Index, and Market Order Flow Index.
  • Okotoki – Free & Premium versions. Great site to visualize liquidity of exchange order books, trades, and liquidations.
  • Cryptometer – Crypto market analytics including rapid movements, open interest, liquidations, heatmaps, trends, alters, historical data, bullish/bearish data, and more.
  • BitcoinFlow – Tool for monitoring Bitcoin options – calls, puts, etc.
  • CryptoCrate – Website for exchange info
  • Coinalyze – Highly recommended site with a ton of useful data. Futures Markets charts (Liquidations chart)
  • CME Bitcoin Futures
  • CoinMarketMan Market Scanner

Useful Links for Learning

User guides for Scalping, Futures, and Options trading

Other Useful Tools

On-Chain Data

  • Crypto Quant – Large collection of on-chain data charts. Requires subscription for up-to-date reporting.
  • Dune Analytics – Free Ethereum analytics by and for the community.
  • Glassnode – On-chain Market data. Free and premium versions available.
  • Messari – All in one crypto dashboard with charts, screeners, news, ecosystems, watchlists, fund investments, exchange supply, and more. Highly recommended!
  • Skew – Real-time analytics for crypto markets. Expensive but offers a free trial.
  • Parsec Finance – DeFi Analytics. Requires paid subscription but offers a free trial.
  • Jarivs Labs – Crypto research, insights, tools, bots, and trading solutions. Requires paid subscription.
  • Token Terminal – Crypto analytics website to track Bitcoin and DeFi projects fundamentals. Free to use.


Social Media Accounts to Follow


  • TechnicalRoundup – A weekly newsletter written by Cred and DonAlt covering technicals for traders and investors in digital assets.
  • Bloqport – A weekly crypto newsletter covering the whole market including breaking news, insights, analytics, and key takeaways.



  • Bankless – Discussions cover the whole market with an emphasis on ETH DeFi.