Creating an API key on ByBit

Important! – Do not share your API Keys with anyone.

If you need more help, visit the ByBit API documentation page if you need more information

Two suggestions for viewing ByBit chart and Tealstreet on same screen.

  1. Use Vivaldi browser to create a tile view with both apps in same browser session. Its chromium based so you can use chrome extensions with it.
  1. On windows, use DeskPins to pin a second browser window over the Tealstreet built in trading view chart and keep ByBit’s chart there. Draggable orders / positions on the built in chart are on the roadmap.

Step 1

Create a ByBit account or log into your ByBit account

Step 2

Click your login in the top right of the screen it should be your email address or username. Next, click API on the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click “Create New Key”

Step 4 and 5

Creating and Adding your New API Key:

  1. Check Connect to a Third-Party Application – keys bound through this option will not expire
  2. If you chose ‘API Transaction’ instead of Third-Party Application then the key will expire after 3 months and you will need to make a new one later. 
  3. Select ‘Tealstreet‘ from the ‘Application Name’ drop down menu
  4. Select ‘Orders and Positions‘ from the ‘Key Permissions’ drop down menu
  5. Do NOT check “Read-Only”

Step 6

Now the exchange will give you your Keys.

Copy and paste them into Tealstreet. Keep the information open. The API Secret from ByBit cannot be accessed once you close the window. If you make a mistake – simply create a new API Key.

Step 7

On Tealstreet, click “Settings” and “New API Key”.

Step 8

Choose the correct exchange from the drop-down menu.

Step 9

Name the account – does not need to match the one you gave the API in the exchange but use something you can remember.

  • DO NOT CHOOSE READ ONLY if you want to place orders with Tealstreet.
  • Click “Create” and you are finished.

Trouble Shooting

Are you getting an error message?

  • First, check to make sure you used the correct exchange for the API key
  • Second, check to make sure you use the API Secret and API Key in the correct places. They are easy to mix up
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