FAQ – Questions for Sam

Interview with Sam – YouTube link

What time does Sam talk on Twitch?

Typically, 10am-6pm PST | UTC-16 UTC-2AM.

Why doesn’t Sam play music on Twitch?

Sam talks on mic sporadically and its easier for people to leave volume on so they don’t miss it. Also DMCA is a pain and the stream is 24/7 so that’s a lot of music to source. Just listen to your own music, you probably wouldn’t like mine anyways. You can also use the music bot in discord.

How long has Sam been trading?

Sam has been trading since late 2017. Over the years, Sam has spent tens of thousands of hours watching Bitcoin charts.

Is Sam a profitable trader?

Yes, Sam is a profitable trader. However, Sam has suffered significant losses while learning to trade.

How much money did Sam start with?

Sam started with 30k in 2017. He grew to $1MM longing every alt under the sun on 3x BitFinex margin. He lost half when alts started dying in 2018. Lost the other half on BitMex. Deposited probably another 100k from software job salary in 2018. Lost that too. Back to small size. Learned to trade properly in 2018. Started to get good in 2019. Found old BitMex acc I used to refer myself with 2btc in it from self ref. Made all current money from that 2btc. https://prnt.sc/11gv25x

Does Sam use stop losses?

Sam usually doesn’t use stops unless he needs to (big size or when he’s away from his desk). He takes his losses manually and withdraws account profits to reduce his risk. He does not recommend this strategy, especially for beginners, but it is optimal for him.

Does Sam use trading bots?

No, Sam does not use trading bots. Sam only manually trades.

Does Sam offer any coaching, trading guides, paid group, special indicators?

No, Sam does not offer coaching, indicators, or a paid group. Nothing Sam says online through Twitch, Twitter or any other platform should be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research and make your own trades. Trading and investing are extremely risky so please do so responsibly.

What is Sam’s education and background?

Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and previously worked for a tech company.

Where is Sam from?

Samwise Gamgee lives in the the Shire!

What does Sam think of altcoins?

Sam primarily trades Bitcoin futures. Depending on market conditions, Sam also trades ETH. Sam does not stay up to date on many other coins.

Does Sam recommend a hardware wallet?

Sam likes Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.

Can we see a picture of your desk setup for trading?

There is a picture of Sam’s setup on the discord channel.

Sam’s trading setup

How often does Sam sleep?

Sam sleeps anywhere from zero hours to ten hours per day.

Is Sam really from Lord of the Rings?

Yes, of course he is. Now excuse me while I go eat second breakfast.