!! Important: if you have never used hotkeys before make sure to enable them in your Trade Settings.

!! Important: please review your hotkey assignments. New hotkey features may conflict with existing saved hotkeys. Your existing hotkeys should have priority meaning new default hotkeys will not work if there are conflicts. Check your settings and change any conflicting hotkeys.


Instant Order Placement Feedback:

Faster order execution across exchanges.
Order notifications no longer rely exclusively on web socket feed.

Real Time Chart Data:

Replaced native exchange kline data feeds with our own trade based feed. For some of our exchanges this means a latency reduction of over 10x for our TradingView chart.

Desktop App:

Users can now choose the exact location for installation of the app.
Improved Auto-Update functionality.
Users will be prompted in real time when a new version is ready to install.
Tip: pin the app to taskbar.

New Features:

Second(s) time frames on chart:

Seconds Time Frame

This feature is usually only available on platforms with expensive premium plans but available to Tealstreet users for free.
Note: historical data is limited on the seconds time frames for rate limit reasons.

Scaled Orders:

In-depth documentation link: https://docs.tealstreet.io/docs/trade/scaled-orders
User guide video coming soon.

Scaled Order Type

The Scaled Order window now displays the Average Fill price. This calculates the average entry of the position if all orders from preview are filled at their respective prices.

Average Fill

Scaled Order Preview:
In addition to adjusting the scaled order distribution via the preview on the chart, users can now utilize hotkeys to adjust individual preview orders or the entire group of preview orders together.

With a set hotkey, users can move only a single order in the scaled order chart preview:

Hotkey to modify single Scaled order

Users can now set a hotkey to move a whole scaled order preview block:

Hotkey Move Whole Scaled Order Preview
Hotkey Bulk Move

Tip: while previewing a scaled buy order use ‘place buy order’ hotkey to submit the orders. Use ‘place sell order’ hotkey for preview scaled sell orders.

Tip: cancel a scaled order preview with your ‘cancel recent order’ hotkey.

Two click scaled order:

Users can now hold a hotkey and click two prices on the chart, orderbook, or depth chart to create a scaled order preview between these prices.

Two click scaled order
Two click scaled order

1-Click trading:

Use hotkeys to activate 1-click trading enabling users to submit limit orders instantly by clicking the chart, orderbook, or depth chart.
‘Limit at clicked price’ means the terminal will submit a limit buy if the clicked price is below last trade price and a limit sell if above last trade price.
Tip: Ensure hotkeys are enabled.

1-Click Trading Hotkeys

Auto populate order form price from chart:

Click on the chart while holding hotkey to auto populate order form price (hold “z” by default). Much faster than typing!

Click & Hotkey Auto-populate Price Field

Chart Hover Displays on Depth Chart:

Hovering your mouse cursor on the TradingView chart will show on Depth Chart overlay to better compare price with liquidity.

Chart Mouse & Depth chart


Users can now disable or enable order notifications. Click the checkbox in Trade Settings.

Enable / disable notifications

Favorite(s) List:

We’ve add a favorite star outside of the dropdown menu. Less steps to add a new market pair to your favorites list!

Favorite Markets

Markets Search:

Users can search the TradingView chart by exchange.
Note: trade actions with assigned hotkeys will override typing directly on the chart to start searching. Click the top left symbol box (1 in picture below) to open the search panel before typing.

Searching TradingView chart on Tealstreet

Chart Full Screen:

Tealstreet now supports full screen chart. This is unique from the full screen mode of the entire terminal.

Chart Full Screen

With chart full screen mode enabled, users can:
1. Toggle chart full screen mode.
2. Toggle / enable the ‘Place Order’ tile overlay.
3. Access the markets and favorite search menu(s).

Chart Full Screen

With chart full screen enabled, users can use the TradingView search to access markets and their favorite list.


Users can now assign a hotkey to access the TradingView search menu. The hotkey is set to the letter L (‘l’) as default.
Users are still able to click the symbol in the upper left of the chart to bring up the search menu.

TradingView Search Hotkey

Cancel All Orders Button:

There are now four (4) buttons for canceling orders.
(X) All Orders‘ will cancel ALL orders (including Stops and Limit(s) orders) for ALL symbols / trading pairs / markets.
Warning: the new cancel ‘(X) All Orders‘ will also cancel orders across your connected exchanges IF you have multi account streaming enabled.
‘(X) Orders’ cancels orders ONLY for the active / focused market symbol. This also applies to cancel ‘Buys’ and ‘Sells.’

Cancel All Orders

Reset Settings:

Users can now reset their settings back to defaults.
Clicking the red ‘Reset’ box will change settings back to default for any of the categories with checked boxes (Hotkeys, Layout, Twitter, Other).
‘Other’ includes all settings beyond the three specific. It functions similar to clearing the cache without logging the user out.
If you wish to only reset Hotkeys, uncheck ‘Layout, Twitter, Other’ but keep ‘Hotkeys’ checked and then click ‘Reset.’

Reset Settings

Multiple Windows:

On the Tealstreet desktop app, users can now use ‘ctrl+n‘ or the navbar to open additional window(s).
Users can open as many additional windows as needed.
These additional TradingView charts include toggle support for the ‘Place Order’ tile.
This hotkey assignment can not be changed at this time.

Order Form State for Chart & Hotkeys:

Users can now choose the native order form state within general Trade Settings.
Within the ‘Place Order’ tile, users have access to six order forms (Limit, Market, Quick, Scaled, Stop Market, and Stop Limit).
With this setting disabled / unchecked, chart trading and hotkeys will use order form field settings even when not focused. See images below for examples of the differences.
With this setting enabled / checked, chart trading and hotkeys will use the order form field settings from the currently focused form.
Note: The terminal will still use active order form state if the native order form state is invalid (size = 0).
Note: Tealstreet previously used the active form for hotkeys and chart trading (except for scaled orders). Tealstreet will now use the form state regardless of what ‘Place Order’ panel is currently focused.

Active Order Form
Active Order Enabled
Active Order Disabled

Bug Fixes:

Improvements made to Multi-Account streaming (still a beta feature).
‘Ghost’ order notifications.
Fixed TradingView memory leak.
Formatting market symbol in Margin Tile to prevent cutoff.
Phemex: resolved missing current chart candle.
OKEx: Performance optimizations, orderbook data enhancements, overall user experience improvements.
Missing desktop taskbar icon fix.
Scaled order(s) bug fixes: duplicate orders, inversed distribution on hotkey use, dragging individual order preview with hotkey.
Fixed toggling post / reduce with new settings.
Fixed email confirmation bug.