Improved. Optimized. Enhanced.

Tealstreet is happy to announce the release of the 1.5 version of the terminal.

This major update includes a long list of exciting new features and optimizations for a highly improved trading experience. 

Auto updater should automatically kick in for desktop users, otherwise access the download:

Click here to view the release notes

  • Position History & Equity Chart modules
  • Fill / Position history on chart
  • Workspaces
    • Save / Export / Load
  • New hotkeys:
    • Market Buy, Stop Loss, Take Profit
  • Bracket Orders (Enable in Trade Settings -> Beta)
  • Editable Columns 
  • Margin Sliders 
    • Order margin cost estimates
  • PnL percent on hover
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes:
    • Major OKX overhaul
    • Margin, leverage, error handling, and more

There will likely be ongoing patches and updates over the coming days as users get familiar with these new features. As always, we appreciate your continued support. Thank you for being part of the Tealstreet community.

Trade safe my friends.